Can the ordering party choose a different parcel locker than the suggested one

The ordering party may only choose between parcel lockers selected based on their selected shipping address. We realize that this is not a perfect solution, however we would like to offer 95% of customers a more pleasant shopping experience.

Whenever Shopify starts allowing apps to expand the ordering page we will surely add the option to select a different parcel locker.

For the time being, the customer has three possibilities:

  1. Changing the delivery address to one that is close to the parcel locker and then selecting that parcel locker
  2. Adding a note to the order
  3. Contacting the seller after submitting the order
It's possible to add a notice in the shipping method selection, i.e. "If you would like to select a different parcel locker, change the delivery address to one closest to the preferred locker".
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